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There are copies available to loan: sygn. P.40182, P.36773, P.36772, P.36272, P.36271, P.35827, P.34713, P.34376, P.34027, P.34026, P.34024, P.34023, P.34022, P.33552, P.33550, P.33250, P.33248, P.33247, P.33245, P.33243, P.33242, P.33239, P.33238, P.33237, P.33234, P.33232, P.33230, P.33225, P.33221, P.33220, P.33219, P.33215, P.33214, P.33213, P.32673, P.23106, P.18918, P.18917, P.13524, P.13518, P.13507, P.13494, P.13481, P.13477, P.13472, P.13464, P.13450, P.13449, P.13445, P.13443, P.13435, P.13433, II 16968, II 16967, II 16966 (55 egz.)
Czytelnia ogólna
Copies are only available in the library: sygn. II M 137 Czyt., II M 138 Czyt., II M 136 Czyt., II M 135 Czyt. (4 egz.)
Other editions:
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